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American History Through Folksong Series

Colonial and Revolution Songs

Soldier, Soldier Will You Marry Me (2.338 MB mp3 file) 

Kugadza Umambo (2.94 MB mp3 file) 

Free America (1.47 MB mp3 file)

Civil War Songs

God Save The South (2.314 MB mp3 file) 

Slavery Chain Done Broke At Last  (2.484 MB mp3 file) 

Blue-Gray Medley  (1.456 MB mp3 file)

Moving West Songs

Shenandoah  (3.122 MB mp3 file) 

Square Dance  (742 KB mp3 file)

Cowboy Songs

El Rancho Grande (2.298 MB mp3 file) 

The Old Man Rockin' The Cradle-Get Along Little Dogies (4.392 MB mp3 file)

Western Railroad Songs

900 Miles  (2.196 MB mp3 file) 

Casey Jones (3.378 MB mp3 file) 

Railroading on the Great Divide (2.398 MB mp3 file)

Working and Union Songs

Ten And Nine  (2.926 MB mp3 file) 

We Shall Not Be Moved (2.606 MB mp3 file)

American Religious Songs

American Religious Songs

Oh, What A Beautiful City (8.474 MB mp3 file) 

Noah (5.220 MB mp3 file) 

This Is My Song (2.034 MB mp3 file)

California Songs Series

California Songs - Volume One - 19th Century

Cielito Lindo (Norteņo)-Cielito Lindo (Huasteca)  (2.574 MB mp3 file) 

The Days of Forty-Nine  (3.150 MB mp3 file) 

Sweet Betsey From Pike (2.034 MB mp3 file)

California Songs - Volume Two - 20th Century

The Whiskey Shops Must Go (2.026 MB mp3 file) 

If You Ain't Got The Do Re Mi (2.176 MB mp3 file) 

Rosie The Riveter (2.6 MB mp3 file)

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