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 Cowboy Songs with historical commentary

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El Rancho Grande (2.298 MB mp3 file)

The Old Man Rockin' The Cradle-Get Along Little Dogies (4.392 MB mp3 file)

Fifty songs which chronicle the story of America's favorite folk hero, the cowboy. The songs document the cowboy's Spanish and Mexican roots, the trail drives, the cowtowns and the building of the huge cattle empires in the West. Playing time: Three hours.

" authentic perspective on a unique period...Vividly carrying listeners back to an earlier era..." --- Booklist

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 Part One:
The Beginnings

Columbus brings cattle and horses to America, cattle ranches spread throughout Mexico, to California and to South Texas. Herds multiply during the Civil War. Post-war ranches grow in number and size. Confederate Civil War veterans, adventurers, Mexicans, African-Americans and Indians become the cowboys who work the cattle.

 The Songs:

Goodbye Old Paint

The Farrows

El Alabado

Diamond Joe

La Paloma

What Was Your Name In The States?

El Rancho Grande (2.298 MB mp3 file)

The Lakes Of Ponchartrain

La Sandunga

On The Lakes Of The Poncho Plains

Spanish Is The Loving Tongue

A Grant

The Cyclone Blues

A Prisoner For Life

Part Two:
Cowboy Life

American cowboys inherit the tools of the their trade from Mexico. They become expert riders, ropers and horse trainers. They face dangers, long hours and loneliness. They express pride in their occupation, and sing of brave deeds and lost loves

The Songs:

The Strawberry Roan

The Dreary, Dreary Life

Blood On The Saddle

The Wild Rippling Water

The Zebra Dun

The Fair Lady Of The Plains

Miss Aledo

Utah Carl

Windy Bill

Cowboy Jack

The Texas Idol

The Cowboy's Christmas Ball

Part Three:
From Texas to Kansas

Trail drives from South Texas to the Kansas railheads begin. Wide open cowtowns beckon at the end of the trail. Cowboys sing of their adventures and of a better life in the hereafter.

 The Songs:

Home On The Range

The Cowboy

I'd Like To Be In Texas
When They Round Up In The Spring

John Garner's Trail Herd

The Old Chisolm Trail

Juan Murray

El Corrido De Kiansis

The Cowboy's Heaven

Doney Gal

The Railroad Corral

When You And I Were Young, Maggie

Bury Me Out On The Prairie

Part Four:
On the Trail

Cowboys drive huge herds of cattle to Kansas, Montana and Wyoming, experiencing burning sun, driving rain, freezing snow, lightning strikes, swollen rivers, dry water holes, dust, dangerous and often fatal stampedes. The chuckwagon is the social center, the wrangler tends the horses. Night riders sing to the cattle. Settlers, homesteaders and fences end the era.

 The Songs:

The Streets Of Laredo

When The Work's All Done This Fall

The Old Man Rockin' The Cradle-Get Along Little Dogies (4.392 MB mp3 file)

Night Herding Song

The Colorado Trail

Little Joe The Wrangler

Jim The Roper

Punchin' Dough


Hell In Texas

I'm Going To Leave Old Texas Now

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