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 Working and Union Songs with historical commentary

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Ten And Nine  (2.926 MB mp3 file)

We Shall Not Be Moved (2.606 MB mp3 file)

Thirty-six songs document the changes in the human condition as America evolved from an agrarian nation to an industrial nation. Playing time: one hour, thirty minutes.

"A valuable compilation of songs sung during the U.S. industrial revolution and labor movement from the 1860s to the 1930s...Very useful supplementary material for the teaching of this period of history to all age levels." --- Choice



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Part One:
The Industrial Revolution

Songs from England, Scotland, Canada and the United States, sung by miners, weavers, mill workers, shoemakers, sailors and railroad workers, tell of the impact of industrialization on rural life, urbanization and the human condition.

 The Songs:

Weave Room Blues

The Ballad Of Springhill

Ten And Nine  (2.926 MB mp3 file)

The Blind Fiddler

Hard Times In The Mill

Peg And Awl

The Work Of The Weavers

Part Two:
The Industrial Revolution

The second phase of the Industrial Revolution includes the development of electric generators, the internal combustion engine, the wireless and the telephone.

 The Songs:

The Weary Cutters

The Royal Telephone

Blow The Man Down

The Farmer Is The Man

Pat Works On The Railway

In My Merry Oldsmobile

Part Three:
The Labor Movement 1860s to 1930s

The songs depict the early struggles of America's working people: skilled workers, industrial workers and farm workers; and glorify their martyrs, heroes and heroines. The music also brings to life the creation of America's labor unions.

 The Songs:

Solidarity Forever

Cotton Mill Girls

Storm The Fort

A Ballad Of Dead Girls

Eight Hour Day


My Sweetheart's A Mule In The Mine

I Ain't Got No Home

The Preacher And The Slave

We Shall Not Be Moved (2.606 MB mp3 file)

Joe Hill

Which Side Are You On?

The Death Of Mother Jones

Part Four:
The Labor Movement 1930s to 1980s

This presentation chronicles labor's rise to major economic and political power, and explores the problems which have faced (and some which still face) organized labor: strikebreakers techniques, union corruption, immigrant labor, child labor, convict labor, automation, foreign competition, computers and the shift from manufacturing to service industry.

 The songs:

Sit Down


The CIO Is Bigger Than It Used To Be

Ninos Campesinos

The Yablonski Murder

My Old Man

Buddy Won't You Roll Down The Line



Aragon Mill

Nosotros Venceremos

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