Keith and Rusty McNeil - 
 Colonial and Revolution Songs with historical commentary

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Soldier, Soldier Will You Marry Me (2.338 MB mp3 file) 

Kugadza Umambo (2.94 MB mp3 file) 

Free America (1.47 MB mp3 file)

Forty songs which accompanied the shaping of the country as it evolved from thirteen struggling colonies into a nation. Playing time: 2 hours.

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"...a fine collection of Colonial and  Revolutionary songs... The narration is especially notable, since it so briefly, yet skillfully outlines the significant aspects of Colonial and Revolutionary development." --- Choice

Part one:
Colonial America 17th Century

The Puritan psalm-singer, the ill-treated sailor, the proud Pennsylvania-German farmer, the frustrated indentured servant and the angry English convict each expressed through folksong his or her experience in 17th century Colonial America.
Traditional ballads from the Old Country and new ones written in America served as entertainment, preserved the superstitions, described the Indians and poked fun at nearly everyone. The narrative dialogue and songs effectively capture the flavor of the period.

 The Songs:

The Girl I Left Behind Me

Jennie Jenkins

The Golden Vanity

The Trappan'd Maiden

We Gather Together

When I First Came To This Land

Old Hundredth

The Sheepstealer

The Willow Tree

Soldier, Soldier Will You Marry Me (2.338 MB mp3 file) 

The Great Silkie Of Shule Skerry

Part Two:
Colonial America 18th Century

As immigrants arrived in the 18th century, Irish fiddle tunes, African drums and Scots Highland bagpipes set the patterns for America's music.
The songs highlight the cultural heritage of the immigrants and the changes during the period which affected American attitudes and way of life. The songs also tell of the shift from White indentured servant to Black slave, the expansion of New England shipping, and the French defeat at Quebec during the French and Indian Wars.

 The Songs:

Devil's Dream

The Mist Covered Mountain

Red-Haired Boy

Mouth Music

Whiskey In The Jar

The Hoosier

Kugadza Umambo (2.94 MB mp3 file) 

The Greenland Whale Fishery

Michael Row the Boat Ashore

The Death Of General Wolfe


Part Three:
The American Revolution

The American Revolution inspired both British and American citizens and soldiers to write songs about their differences. The words of the songs were printed in newspapers, periodicals and broadsheets sold on the streets of Boston, Philadelphia and other major American cities.
You will hear songs which express stirring pride, angry threats, biting satire and ridicule. They tell of rising political tensions, the Boston Massacre, the tea parties, the weaknesses of the enemy and the virtues of patriotism.

 The Songs:

The British Grenadiers

The Battle Of The Kegs

Free America (1.47 MB mp3 file)


Castle Island Song

Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier

The Rich Lady Over The Sea

The World Turned Upside Down

Yankee Doodle

Hail Columbia

Part Four:
The War of 1812

While the Canadians sing of retribution, the Americans sing of jubilation over the defeat of the British ship Guerriere by Old Ironsides, the preparation of defenses at Philadelphia and the victory at New Orleans (fifteen days after the peace treaty was signed).
These songs effectively illustrate the strong feelings of nationalism during the War of 1812.

 The Songs:

The Eighth of January

The Constitution and the Guerriere

Sinclair's Defeat

To Anacreon In Heaven

Parliament Of England

Patriotic Diggers

The Noble Lads Of Canada

The Hunters of Kentucky

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