Keith ∓ Rusty McNeil - 
 Western Railroad Songs with historical commentary

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900 Miles  (2.196 MB mp3 file)

Casey Jones (3.378 MB mp3 file)

Railroading on the Great Divide (2.398 MB mp3 file)

Fifty songs that describe the planning and construction of the five transcontinental railroads, the builders, the railroaders, railroad events, characters, scandal and corruption. Playing time: Two hours, forty five minutes.

"...enjoyable listening...a delightful and timeless look at our past." --- Desert News
"These old songs make for pleasant and interesting listening, and they're performed with feeling by the McNeils and the other musicians they've assembled." --- Trains Magazine
"Impeccably combined in this entertaining and accessible production are songs about everything from the railroad bums to the robber barons, from Rock Island to Goat Island, from Jim Fisk to Casey Jones." --- School Library Journal

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 Part One:
The Builders

Steam locomotives challenge the steam boats and canal boats. President Lincoln signs the Pacific Railroad Act. Chinese workers dominate the Central Pacific, Irish workers dominate the Union Pacific. The race begins.

The Songs:

900 Miles  (2.196 MB mp3 file)

Subsidy, A Goat Island Ballad

A Railroader For Me

John Chinaman, My Jo

Railroad Traveler

Twelve Hundred More

The Rock Island Line

Mick Upon The Railroad

The Great Rock Island Route

Tamping Ties

The Railroad Cars Are Coming

Drill Ye Terriers

Kansas Land

The Iron Horse

Part Two:
The Golden Spike

The "Hell On Wheels" towns follow the rails. Mormons join the Union Pacific and Central Pacific workforces. East and west rails join at Promontory. Train robbers and gamblers fleece railroads and passengers.

The Songs:

The Hell-Bound Train

Railroading on the Great Divide (2.398 MB mp3 file)

Chinese Breakdown

Shoot The Buffalo

Gamblin' Blackie

Pullman Porters On Parade

The Regular Army, Oh

Zack, The Mormon Engineer

The Handcart Song

The Roving Gambler

Echo Canyon

Jesse James

Part Three:
The Railroaders

Railroad boomers, brakemen, switchmen, firemen, conductors and engineers worked the trains, the hoboes rode for free.

 The Songs:

Life's Railway To Heaven

Please Mister Conductor

The Railroad Boomer

The Dying Hogger

There's Many A Man Killed On The Railroad

Danville Girl

Only A Brakeman

The Big Rock Candy Mountain

The Little Red Caboose Behind The Train

The Bum Song

Asleep At the Switch

Hallelujah, I'm A Bum

Part Four:
Five Transcontinental Railroads

Railroad fever grips the West. Greed and scandal come to light. Pathos, sentiment and humor fill the song sheets. East, west, north and south, the rails span the continent.

 The Songs:

In The Baggage Coach Ahead

Casey Jones (3.378 MB mp3 file)

The Harvey Girls

Rosenthal's Goat

Way Out In Idaho

Old Jay Gould

The Immigration Song

Oh Jimmy Fisk, My Jo, Jim

The Peninsula Pike

Jim Fisk (He Never Went Back On The Poor)


The Wabash Cannonball

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