Keith & Rusty McNeil - Civil War Songbook


The fifty-seven songs and commentary reflect the tragedy, irony, humor, pride and hope which accompanied the War Between the States.


Companion Book To CD Collection.

This 104 page songbook includes the 60 songs on the recordings, plus words, music and chord symbols. The book also includes historical commentary, background information on the songs,` and bibliography. ". . . an excellent selection of songs from the Civil War period. . . Historical engravings, many of them portraits, are a nice touch."


Part One:
The War Begins

After the election of Abraham Lincoln, eleven states secede. The beginning of the war is accompanied by songs of optimism, of "Copperheads" and "Black Republicans," of proud new regiments and of martyrs.

 The Songs:

All Quiet Along The Potomac Tonight

The Yellow Rose Of Texas

Lincoln and Liberty

Virginia Marseillaise

The Southern Wagon

What's The Matter

God Save The South

Treasury Rats

Maryland, My Maryland

Yankee Doodle

The Bonnie Blue Flag

Abraham's Daughter

Dixie's Land - Dixie Parodies

Ellsworth Avengers

Part Two:
The Realities of War

The Battle of Bull Run discourages Northern optimism, and two legendary figures emerge: "Stonewall" Jackson and Jeb Stuart. Yankee morale rises with the stirring "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "Battle Cry of Freedom." Glory fades in the face of reality as soldiers sing of inadequate food and the slaughter at Shiloh. Civilians sing of the inequities of the draft and of doing without.

 The Songs:

Just Before The Battle, Mother

Hard Crackers Come Again No More

Riding A Raid

Army Grub

Stonewall Jackson's Way

The Army Bean/Army Bugs

Battle Hymn Of The Republic

The Homespun Dress

The Battle Of Shiloh Hill

We Are Coming, Father Abraham

The Battle Cry Of Freedom

Come In Out Of The Draft

Southern Battle Cry Of Freedom

We Are Coming, Father Abraham, $300 More

Goober Peas

For Bales

Part Three:
The Changing War

Escaped slaves are mustered into the Union army, singing of freedom and emancipation.
Ironclad ships revolutionize naval warfare, guerilla warfare increases, prisoners of war die.

 The Songs:

Kingdom Coming

The Cumberland And The Merrimac

No More Auction Block For Me

The Alabama

Slavery Chain Done Broke At Last

Kentucky, Oh Kentucky

Oh, Freedom

How Are You, John Morgan?

Go Down Moses

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp

Free At Last

The Bonnie White Flag

John Brown's Body

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Marching Song Of The First Arkansas Regiment

Part Four:
The Union Forever

War-weary soldiers and civilians sing of sweetheart, home, the siege of Vicksburg, the foreign-born who fill the Union army's ranks, Lincoln's re-election, William Tecumseh Sherman's march to the sea and the fall of Richmond.

 The Songs:

The Last Fierce Charge

Old Abe Lincoln Came Out Of The Wilderness


We Are The Boys Of Potomac's Ranks

Aura Lea

Marching Through Georgia

The Children Of The Battlefield

We Are Marching On To Richmond

'Twas At The Siege Of Vicksburg

Tenting On The Old Camp Ground

I Goes To Fight Mit Siegel

Blue-Grey Medley

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